Buhari’s Sickness Worsens, As APC Mobilises 350 Imams, 100,000 Muslim Worshipers, For All Night Prayers And Fasting

Emerging report, revealed that 350 Imams at various Jumma’at mosques in Maidgugiri, Jere, Biu, and other parts of Borno, led thousands of worshipers to offer special prayers for the speedy recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari.
It was gathered, that the plan to offer the special prayers, was at the request of Governor Kashim Shettima, who is also a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.
Speaking on the development, the State’s Commissioner for Religious Affairs, Mustapha Fannarambe, in a statement titled, “Request for Intensification of prayers for the complete recovery of Mr. President”, requested the Chief Imam to communicate the request to Imams of all Jumma’at mosques, while the CAN did same with Pastors, for similar prayers in all churches across the State for tomorrow services.
The Commissioner, who spoke to Journalists, in Maiduguri, said he was mandated by Shettima to monitor compliance with the request, through interactions with the Chief Imam and CAN Chairman.
“Last night (Friday), Shettima directed me to write and sign letters requesting the Chief Imam and the CAN, to kindly request Imams of all Jumma’at mosques and leading pastors in all churches across Borno State, to lead Muslim and Christian worshipers yesterday (Friday) and coming Sunday, to intensify prayers for the quick and full recovery of our dear President Buhari.
“We believe any good Nigerian living in Borno, is already praying for the President, this is why we requested for the prayers to be intensified. The Governor, emphasised that I ensure the Chief Imam and CAN Chairman, felt in communicating with Imams and Pastors of all Jumma’at mosques and all churches were Sunday services are held. The letters were delivered early today (yesterday), and I have been in touch with both leaders.
“I can assure you that the Chief Imam communicated the request to Imams of all the Jumma’at mosques across Borno State.
All the Imams belong to different forums, based on their denominations and areas of residence, while the Pastors are expected to be reached by the CAN Chairman, through a very efficient system.
“The prayers started today (yesterday) with Jumma’at mosques, and we have monitored some here in Maiduguri and Jere, and I was informed there were similar prayers in other Jumma’at mosques in Biu, Bayo, Shani, Kwaya-Kusar, were residents were never internally displaced, and places like Gwoza, Konduga, Monguno, Damboa, Dikwa, Askira, Kaga, and many other parts of the State, where residents have returned after liberation of their communities by the military, under President Buhari’s administration.
“Prayers were offered in IDP camps where Jumma’at services take place, because all the camps have citizens that include existing Imams of Jumma’at mosques in different parts of the State affected by the insurgency.
From our estimation, not less than 350 Jumma’at mosques are currently functional out of 542 that we have across the State. I actually attended one of the Friday prayers in Maiduguri, while Shettima went to Bama with the visiting Minister of Environment.
“To us in Borno State, President Buhari means so much, because we know how much we suffered before he became President, and we know there is overwhelming difference between now and before, and this is why Shettima said we owe the President an obligation to prayer over his health, and we owe our gallant military an obligation to pray for the health of their Commander In Chief. This is what Governor Shettima said to me last night and we have acted accordingly.
“We are now awaiting prayers in Churches on Sunday, we are sure it will be done by the grace of God, and our President will be healthier than he ever was to conclude his victorious fight against Boko Haram insurgents, which is our topmost priority in Borno State.”



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