Buhari, Why Are Nigerians Still Suffering? – Fayose Blasts President, APC



The governor of Ekiti State has lambasted the president for failing to fulfill his campaign promises of making lives better for Nigerians.

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State has lambasted president Mohammadu Buhari and mocked him for failing to live up to his campaign promises. He said the economic situation of Nigeria should be an embarrassment to the All Progressives Congress and the president as the people now suffer more than before.

Fayose while speaking on Tuesday in Abuja said the government of Buhari is overwhelmed because he has incompetent people at the helm of affairs.

He said:-

“I am telling you the truth. Power doesn’t come from anywhere. God rules in the affairs of men. Oppressing, bringing and cutting people down, taking their blood, God is angry. The way this government is taking people down, God is angry. God isn’t happy. Go to Rivers, they kill people.

“Go to Akwa Ibom, they kill people. Go to Bayelsa, they kill people, incarcerate innocent people. God is angry with Buhari. You can’t continue to take the blood of the innocent. Look at my predictions for the year 2016 for Nigeria, everything has come to pass.

“This is a different ball game. He that will take me, he that will go against me must first of all defeat God. If these were the kind of violence that greeted Buhari’s election would he ever be president?

“We have had a lot of these things, we have been through such a gatherings but at the end of the day, will it not be the same old rhetorics, same strategies? Is it a diversion or diversionary move to make Nigerians think you are working on the economy because a government that has actually come, which was elected precisely a year now doesn’t know what they are doing, they don’t know what they want, they don’t know why they got there, maybe they wanted power and not to put Nigeria on the part of prosperity?

“So it is a good Idea that we should talk about the economy of the country but I think the driver should know more than the passengers but they don’t know direction. They are now fishing. They are fishing for ideas to run Nigeria because they don’t know.

“Again with all due respect, people won’t like the way I am saying it right now but they have to come to terms with reality; you can’t grow more than your pastor. You can’t grow more than your MD under the same roof. The president himself has very little capacity. He is limited by age.

“He is limited by academic competence and he is limited by exposure. If you can’t grow more than your pastor what will you offer and everybody has to look up to the president. So with his family of APC, they ought to have had an economic team, economic master plan for Nigeria.

“We should ask the president why are Nigerians suffering under him more than ever before. Look at the electricity tariff; in most cases they will never get the supply of electricity maybe once a month they will get what we call estimated bills. The people are so disenchanted, the people are not happy. There was this international body that said findings show that Nigerians are unhappy than ever before. Something must be causing all that. If you look at that last 6 elections around the federation, APC isn’t winning and it shows people are saying ‘have we not miss road?

“The fact remains that when the disease catches up with you, you will not know until the thing is about terminating the life of the person concerned. If you look at the violence greeting our elections now it will amaze you, it will give you concern. Even the words of Jonathan abused him, say what you want to say but he promised they will be free and fair election and he delivered it against himself.

“Nigerians don’t know party, they know their stomach, they know their business, they know their economy. Let’s look back and imagine that so many middle class businesses are gone. Look at me having a daughter abroad and somebody says my daughter can’t get maintenance money in dollars abroad anymore.

“Education of my children has come to a halt after building such a child to a level of year 3 in the university. This is an indicator of incompetence, a clueless administrator. Sometime a lot of agents in APC might have clues but the president doesn’t have clue, he has no clue. You see these things, people are afraid to say it”, he said.


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