BREAKING NEWS!!!! Buhari Withdraws Willingly, I Can’t Face This Anymore – Read



Our hope was raised when Buhari became the President, No nigerian saw him as a saint.. I believe everyone was judging him because of their Campaign promises.

Right now, Nothing is working but we’re sure thing will get better soon.

– No Job

– No Dollar (Too Expensive)

– No Light | Read Electricity Generation Collapses To ZERO MW

Buhari has taken a Bold step this morning, He announced this on APC’s Official Twitter, He said “I (President Muhammadu Buhari) in less than 48hrs will ceased to become the President of Nigeria“.

Speaking to our Source in Abuja, The News has been verified. There are more than 15 States Governor presently in Aso Rock trying to convince the President that things will get better if he can just wait a little more time.

See the Tweets from Buhari, Click HERE


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