Beware!!! See The Phone Number 419’ners Now Use To Defraud Nigerians



Few days back, We posted a Scam Alert Post here on Cliqloaded “SCAM ALERT!!! If You Ever Receive This Kind Of BVN Message, Please Ignore & Delete It Immediately“.

Here is another popular scammer you all need to beware of.

Read what someone said, Read below:-

Early this morning I received a call on my phone , the caller sounded too familiar and I was surprised I did not have the number amongst my contact.

After exchanging pleasantries and he introduced himself as Engr John Idoko of the Energy Commission of Nigeria that he has a special recommendation for me bla bla bla .

I have little Patience for fraudsters and scamist so I quickly confronted the thief who hurriedly dropped the call thankfully the true caller installed on my phone indicated that 18 People had also reported same fellow as spam thus confirming my inference.

As I have done over the last 10 years I bring such evil plots to the knowledge of Nigerians so that innocent hardworking men and women will not be swindled of their life savings especially our elders and pensioners

Pls kindly pass this message on

His Number is : 08133037624

See Screenshot below:-


You all should beware! Save that phone number incase you might just be his next target.

May God keep us away from them.

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Source:- Nairaland


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