Angry Ibeshe Community Nabs Notorious Armed Robber (Photos)



A very stiff uproar pervades in the ibeshe part of Ikorodu as community nabs one of the notorious armed robbers causing constant derangement in the estate

According to our source who pleaded anonymous, the carpenter turned thief sat at the entrance of the estate with a sharp cutlass, waiting for residents on foot to pass. It wasn’t too long before a lady in her early 20’s walked by and as expected, he attacked her with the cutlass and collected her bag

Unfortunately for him, the lady shouted “ole, ole, ole(thief, thief, thief) as he dashed away with her bag, her voice echoed a conscious alarm to other residents of the estate which alerted them to a very hot chase

He was c@ught and was almost lynched by the grieving community who has suffered a great deal of pain from armed robbers in the past… Armed robber arrested with cutlass in ikorodu by community Asked if he was “Baddo”, one of the most dreadful criminal in the area who is known to rub oil on his body to avoid being grabbed by the hands while tearing nets, he said no and this was his first time.

The source who took a very deep look at the man noted that it could be however be the crash of Naira that has made the transition from a carpenter to a loop daredevil armed robber.

He has been handed over to the Owode Police Station as at the time of compiling this report


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