After Death Of Her Twin, Kehinde Oshadipe Speaks ‘I’m Ready To Make Babies’



After losing her twin sister two years ago, Kehinde says she is glad she is able to move on, but more delighted that she left a very young son who she has been taking care of and that always makes her at peace knowing she is not totally gone. Speaking to Sunday Punch, about getting ready for marriage and making babies,

she said;

One of the reasons why I have yet to marry is my career. Being a female artiste is tough and it always has an effect on one’s love life. It takes only someone who really loves you to support your career.

People have a lot of negative impressions about artistes. I am no longer young and as soon as the man is ready, I am also ready. I have reached a point in my life when I want to have a home and make babies.

About her sister’s death, she said;
Losing my twin sister, two years ago, remains the lowest point of my life. That I survived the experience is still a mystery. We were together right from the womb and to have her suddenly snatched away is the most hurtful aspect of my life.

I am coping with the loss but I can never get over her death. We were very close and did everything together.

Having to forge ahead with my life and career without her love, care and guidance, is a heart-wrenching experience.

Every day, I wish she never died. I am thankful to God that she left me a piece of her. Caring for her young son, soothes the pain I feel and calms my spirit.

I miss everything about her.


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