Abormination! Villagers In Shock As 24-Year-Old Man Impregnates His 66-Year-Old Maternal Grandmother



A shameless grandmother has been exposed after getting pregnant for her 24-year-old grandson he has been having an incestuous relationship with.

A 24-year old man has become the talk of the village after he allegedly impregnated his 66-year-old grandmother. According to a report by B-metro, the man identified as Normore Mudavanhu got Sazini Dube, his maternal grandmother, pregnant.

“I cannot comment much because the two have not appeared in my court. However, I have heard about the embarrassing incident,” Chief Njelele in whose jurisdiction the incident occured said.

The chief further added he is not surprised by the incident as he revealed some people having been engaging in incestous acts in secret.

“A number of people in my area have a tendency of engaging in incestuous relationships.

I have dealt with a lot of such cases and I think it’s high time I give tough penalties,” said Chief Njelele.

A source related to the two said the incestuous act was discovered this year.

“Mudavanhu would be seen in the wee hours coming from Dube’s bedroom hut. A family meeting was called and the two were told to drop their illegitimate relationship or they risked being permanently cut off from the family,” said the source.

The man and her grandmother has apologized over the disgraceful act. Dube is now three months pregnant with her grandson’s seed.Most Zimbabweans have been left shocked by the incident.


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