A Child Kidnapper Caught At Owode Ajegunle, Lagos (Photos)



Like the popular saying goes everyday for the thief one day for the owner, a child kidnapper was c@ught today at Owode Ajegunle Ikorodu road area.

For the past few months over five children was reported missing the same area.

But the kidnapper met her dead end today as she was trying to escape with two children she abducted in front of a primary school.

A woman who saw her identified one of the children she was carrying, she suspected a foul play and immediately called the child’s mother, the mother of the child replied immediately that she has been searching for the child.

Immediately the woman who saw the child alerted people around the community and the kidnapper got mobbed but was lucky to have been rescued by the Nigerian Police force.

The kidnapper reportedly said she sells each child to her buyers for the sum of 50,000 Naira.


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