Read Nasty & Shocking Whatsapp Chats Between Football Star, Adam Johnson & A 15-year-old Girl (Photo)

Former Sunderland player, Adam Johnson
Former Sunderland player, Adam Johnson

The court has revealed shocking and nasty Whatsapp messages between convicted ex-Sunderland football player and a 15-year-old girl.

These are the WhatsApp messages uncovered by police which led Adam Johnson to admit grooming a 15-year-old fan. Within just a few messages Johnson asked for the schoolgirl’s mobile phone number. The pair then went on to exchange 834 WhatsApp messages over the next two months.

Ex-England footballer Adam Johnson has been found guilty of one count of s*xual activity with a girl aged 15.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court found Johnson guilty of a charge of s*xual touching, but not guilty on a charge relating to another s*xual act.

The former Sunderland player had previously admitted grooming the girl and one charge of se*ual activity.

Judge Jonathan Rose has warned Johnson he faces jail and told him “say goodbye to your daughter“.

According to The Mirror, here are the nasty and shocking whatsapp messages Johnson exchanged with the girl that nailed him.

See some of the Whatsapp Chat screenshot below:-






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