Lionel Messi’s Doctor Unveils Secret Foods He EATS To Be So Super



The personal doctor of Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, Guiliano Poser has come out to inform the world of the secret diet that makes the Argentine forward the best footballer in the world.

According to Poser, at the centre of Messi’s incredible reign as the king of the world game, is a precise programme of food and biomechanics that helps keep him one step ahead of his rivals.

Italian Poser said:-

“Water, good olive oil, whole grains and vegetables that have had no pesticides used because they create no harm to the body.

“Nuts and seeds are also very good but no sugar though. It is the worst thing for your muscles.

“Even refined flours are a big problem, basically because today it’s very difficult to find a grain of healthy wheat that is untouched.”

Speaking to Gazetta World, Poser revealed how Messi had embraced kinesiology, the science behind the boimechanics of natural body movement to help ensure he can cope with the demands of top level football.

Running style, stretching and posture are all key, and it also means steering clear of other food stuff that could damage the flexibility of muscles.

Poser added: “Salt is fine but in moderation, as the muscles and the body needs it in general.

“Leo also eats meat in moderation too, much less than the amount typically eaten in Argentina and Uruguay because it is difficult for the body to digest.”


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