How This Popular Footballer Joined His Friend To R*pe 19-Year Old Girl



Evans attends Court with fiancee Natasha Massey (right)

Footballer Ched Evans has told a court he did not speak to his alleged rape victim before having s*x with her, adding: ‘It wasn’t really a time for conversation.’

But the former Wales and Manchester City player insisted he would ‘never hurt a girl’ as he denied r*ping the teenage waitress in a hotel room.

Evans, 27, is accused of raping the woman after joining a friend who had taken her back to a Premier Inn hotel in Rhuddlan, North Wales.
He took a key to the room before joining in s*x with the young woman, who says she was too drunk to remember anything.

Asked by prosecutor Simon Medland QC: ‘You didn’t speak to her at all during the conversation of this episode did you?’

Evans replied: ‘It wasn’t really a time for conversation. It was a moment we all got c@ught up in.’

Mr Medland said: ‘Did you think to ask her whether she minded you to have s*x with her.’
Evans replied: ‘She asked me to perform oral s*x on her.

‘I would never hurt a girl, I wouldn’t do anything to harm a girl and I wouldn’t perform oral s*x on a girl who didn’t ask me to.’

Mr Medland asked: ‘Did you think at any stage for you to ask the woman if she minded having unprotected s*x with you?’

Evans replied: ‘It wasn’t the right time.

‘I wouldn’t have s*x with somebody without their consent. She consented to me when she asked me to perform oral s*x on her.’

The court was shown CCTV of Evans leaving the hotel. When the prosecutor suggested he tried to conceal his face, he replied: ‘I’d say you are wrong.’

Evans admitted he is now embarrassed by his statement to police that women ‘throw themselves at him’.

Prosecutor Simon Meland asked him: ‘You felt at the time that football was a magnet for girls, didn’t you?’

Mr Medland read Evans’ police statement back to him where he told officers how women ‘like footballers because they’re rich’.

But Evans told the jury: ‘Reading back of that statement it is cringe-worthy. When I said that I wasn’t expecting it to be read out in court.

‘I don’t think footballers are entitled to anything. I don’t think what you’re saying is correct.’

Mr Medland continued: ‘I suggest that you, disinhibited through drink, that you felt entitled to behave like that to that 19-year-old waitress?’

Evans said: ‘I wouldn’t treat a girl like that.’

Mr Medland claimed Evans ‘didn’t care’ whether the woman wanted s*x.

He said: ‘You are saying it wasn’t a time for conversation, but I suggest that is just in your mind?

‘Truth to tell, Mr Evans, you couldn’t have cared less whether she whether she wanted s*x or not?’

Evans replied: ‘No, I would never behave like that.’

Cardiff Crown Court has heard how the 19-year-old girl was taken to the Premier Inn hotel by Evans’ friend Clayton McDonald.

Former Port Vale player Mr McDonald met her in a kebab shop – then rang Evans from a taxi to say:
‘I’ve got a girl.’

The court heard Evans and Mr McDonald both had s*x with the girl. She has told the court she had no memory of the events and believes her drink was spiked on the night out in May 2011.

Prosecutors say she was too drunk to give consent for s*x.

Evans yesterday told how he stopped having s*x with the girl when Mr McDonald left – then left through a fire escape.

Evans later told police that women ‘throw themselves at him’ and that it is ‘part and parcel of being a footballer.’

Evans, now playing for Chesterfield, denies rape. The trial continues.


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