“Guardiola Smiles In Your Face Then Betrays You”- Yaya Toure’s Agent Blast AGAIN!



Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Seluk has launched another scathing attack on Pep Guardiola, calling the Manchester City manager two-faced and demanded that he show respect.

The ongoing drama between the trio has dragged on since the summer, when Toure – who left Barcelona in 2010 while Guardiola was coach there – was excluded from City’s Champions League squad.

Seluk hit out at the Catalan for the first time then and Guardiola threatened not to play his client again until he received an apology, which has not yet been forthcoming.

And the agent has now escalated the matter by claiming he has been met with a wall of silence when he attempted to contact Guardiola, calling his exile of Toure personal and revenge for their time at Barcelona.

“When Yaya was left out of the Champions League squad, I called Pep. I wanted to ask him his reasons, but he didn’t call me back,” Seluk told the Daily Mirror.

“I was not making contact to apologise – but neither Pep or Txiki knew this. Why should I apologise when I am guilty of nothing but telling the truth?

“My idea was to talk man-to-man, to find out how we can move things forward for the best interests of Manchester City and Yaya.

“All I got was silence. So it must be clear to everyone that Pep isn’t looking for an apology. It is about him turning Sheikh Mansour and the City fans against a player who loves the club.

“Pep is allowing his ego to make decisions that aren’t in the best interests of Manchester City.”

Seluk expanded more on his theory that Guardiola was exacting revenge on Toure, adding: “I know what his [Guardiola’s] problem is. When Pep forced Yaya out of Barcelona I criticised him.

“This is his revenge. And it is personal, not professional. I asked City in the summer if they wanted Yaya to leave and was told that he was part of the plan.

“It is now clear that wasn’t the truth. I think the plan was to humiliate Yaya – and all the other players who have made history for Manchester City in the last six years.

“Yaya isn’t the only one. [Joe] Hart and [Samir] Nasri have also paid because they are big personalities.

“Pep doesn’t want to work with men. He wants to work with players who are very young because he can control them like children.

“Pep smiles at you. He makes you believe he is your best friend – and then he betrays you.”


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