Must See For Ladies: Five Ways You Can Get Pregnant Without Having C.ex


Technically it’s possible to get pregnant without having s*x, even if you’re a v*rgin. That’s the submission of experts.

They warn that if you’re not planning on having a baby any time soon, it’s important to know what kind of s*xual behaviour might put you at risk of getting pregnant.

Gynaecologists say basically, it’s very possible to get pregnant if semen comes into contact with your v*gina at any point.

Here are some of the ways you can get pregnant without trying:

1. Dry humping:

This is the process whereby two people repeatedly move up and down and back and forth on top of each other fully clothed or missing various pieces.

But the p*nis must not come in contact with the v*gina without some sort of fabric separating them. But even at that, gynaecologists warn that a woman can still get pregnant without being penetrated or even undressed.

According to s*xperts, it’s possible for a woman to become pregnant from dry humping – even if she hasn’t removed her underwear! This is because sperm can soak through lingerie.

So, know from now on that grinding (aka dry s*x/humping) really puts you at risk of accidental pregnancy, although it is rare.

2. Br*astfeeding: A popular myth is that active or exclusive br*astfeeding prevents new mothers from conceiving a second time around.

However, physicians warn that this isn’t true! They say that contrary to whatever you may have been told, br*astfeeding is NOT a natural contraceptive and it cannot decrease your chances of becoming pregnant soon after giving birth.

3. No ejaculation: Many couples think that using the “pull out” method will stop them from having a baby, but you can still get pregnant, even if a man hasn’t ejaculated at all.

This is because pre-ejaculation fluid that oils the p*nis during foreplay contains a small amount of semen which can fertilise an egg.

4. Rhythm or calendar method: Another popular s*x misconception is that a woman can’t get pregnant if a couple abstain from s*x when she’s in the most “fertile” part of her cycle. But physicians say a woman can, indeed, can get impregnated at any point during the month, including when she’s on her period.

5. Using contraception: Get this clear: no form of contraception is 100 per cent effective. Therefore, it’s still possible to conceive despite being on the pill or using a condom.

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