Moments You Shouldn’t Approach A Lady To Toast Her, No. 3 Is A Must


Sometimes,we don’t understand there are certain conditions that makes a lady give a definite decline to our wooing requests. Here are some of the moments you should avoid attempting wooing a lady.
1. When it is raining so hard.


You’ll see a lady trying so hard to get away from rainfall and all you could think of is wooing her? You can do better by offering her an umbrella.
2. When she is walking lone at midnight.


Despite the fact that you have no bad motive with you in approaching her,a lady feels so insecure walking lone at night and your approaching her adds intense fear to what she feels already. If she shouts accusing you of r*pe, you can never vindicate yourself.
3. When she is with her parents.


Some parents can be very mean and intolerable when it comes to morality. The mentality of ‘hit and run’ which is mostly associated to the yoruba demons makes them act as PA to their children, even when they’re fully grownup.
4. When she is in a hurry.


You’ll see a lady running helter skelter, did makeup in just 20seconds, sweat running down her face and flagging down any taxi on the way and all you could think of is approaching to woo her? Bros, any kind english you hear just take am like that,and don’t ever retaliate when she gives you that economic-recession slap.
5. Add yours…


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