Men, If You Master These 5 Super Hot Kissing Techniques, You Can Win Any Lady You Want!



What makes a man a great lover? His skills in kissing! That’s what many girls would surely say. These 5 kissing techniques will help you to become the best!

5 amazing techniques for kissing a girl:

How can kissing be difficult? It’s what we all do. Yes, but not all of us succeed in it. Being a great kisser gives you a huge advantage in dating. If you master these five techniques, you can win any girl you like.

1. Lingering kiss

This type of kiss is good for the first few dates. You touch her lips with your lips but use no tongue. And you linger there for few seconds. Such a kiss can last up to 20 seconds. It’s a gentle type of kiss suitable for your new date or a very romantic atmosphere.

2. French kiss

This kind of kiss is much talked about. However, according to women not so many men can do it well. You use your tongue in it. Some guys feel like puppies doing it. They are too wet and all over your face when kissing.

Of they use too much tongue and feel awkward. Some guys put their tongue in and out quickly like some lizard. Others lick the face like a dog. That’s not good. Such kisses should be lingering and passionate, but not awful.

3. Triangle kiss

The name is pretty descriptive. The triangle starts at her lips, goes to her cheek and down to her neck. Make a quick kiss on her lips and move away to her cheek. Then surprise her and go does to her neck. And return up to the mouth. Girls just love such moves. If you two get excited the next time, you may go down a bit lower.

4. Teeth kiss

It’s an art to using teeth in a kiss properly. Crashing the teeth can be painful, and it’s very unromantic. What you should do is to touch her teeth with yours gently. Or GENTLY bite on her lips of other body parts. It is a sign of passion and leads to hot s*x.

5. Power kiss

Here is how you do it. Put one of your arms around her waist and press her hard to yourself. Place the other hand on her head (the back of it), move her face closer to yours and press your lips against hers. This type of kiss is good for those, who already had s*x.

As you see, these kisses can make your love life even better, and if you master the art, you become a great and desirable lover.


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