Ladies: With These Signs, You Should Know He Want Nothing but Your B0dy…


1. The only thing he has ever bought for you that could be considered romantic is a vibrator!
2. He never invites you to anything – his friend’s birthday party, his work happy hour, etc.
3. He has never arranged for you to meet his friends.
4. He only texts you at midnight. It’s a fact that all booty calls happen at midnight.  All those cars you see driving around at midnight, People out in the streets at midnights, They’re all on their way to a booty call. *hehe*
5. He always hands you everything before you leave. He makes sure u don’t forget your bra, lipstick, Your purse, So you can never have a reason to show up when he doesn’t want you to.
6. You’ve never been on a real date. Note this: “Dates are for men who consider themselves boyfriends, not men who consider themselves se x mates.”
7. He’s always busy whenever you text him about something personal or emotional.
8. He always tries to initiate se x when you hang out.
9. He only compliments your looks. He loves your ass but not your sense of humor.
10. When he comes over, he heads straight for the bedroom.
11. Every conversation turns flirty/s*xual. Every time you talk or text, it immediately turns into a conversation about having se x


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