Ladies 7 Ways To Make Your Man Want To Marry You


When it feels right, and you are certain that this man can guarantee you a secure future of love and attention, then its worth it to know ways to make him make up his mind quickly.


(1) Make him feel in charge; men have a big ego, even if you earn a bit higher than this man at the moment-make him feel he is in charge… we all know the ladies run the show dont we?

2) Listen to your man; A man wants you to listen to his soul, to know and understand how deeply and fondly he is of you- a man wants to know you are loyal, and believe me men always read between the lines… you don\’t want the man to see you as a nagging wife,so take note of the complaints.

(3) Be stable strong,but show your man you need him; this is like a dose of adrenalin rush for a man when you show him you need him emotionally.

(4) Keep yourself se xy and looking sweet; you do not have to be a super model or Nolly-wood actress but always keep yourself clean,looking soft and always be a lady…most men don\’t like women who act masculine, wear your victoria secrets,smile sweet and always smile.



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