8 Things Girls Love To Hear From Guys – NO 3 & 7 Will Make You Hit The Jackpot


Things that girls like to hear: They say that the key to a man’s heart is his stomach, but for women it’s because she feels special. This is really the main thing you need to remember about girls. If you want her to love you, make her feel unique and special by telling her things that girls like to hear. Of course, you can not string together a series of sentences in the hope that they will attract their attention. There is more than that, you have to be real and you have to really love the girl to say things she likes to hear. If you do not do it, she’ll pick up on it.


Mistakes that deter girls We all make mistakes.

When it comes to winning a girl, these mistakes can have a lasting effect on your chances. If you are someone who just compliments girls according to their appearance, it’s a mistake. She will see through you and will not want you.

You must appeal to her as more than just someone who wants her body. If you talk to him, just to get him to bed, it’s a mistake and it will not work. Girls are smarter than that and we know when a guy just wants a piece of ass.

The things that girls like to hear in order to feel special

you have to make them unique. She needs to feel that you are only interested in her and no one else, sometimes she helps to say a few specific things about how she really feels. Here are some of the things that girls like to hear that can help you communicate your feelings.

# 1 compliments on their intelligence.

As much as girls like to be told they are beautiful, calling them smart is a much more effective way to make them feel good. If she is beautiful, she will probably always be congratulated for her appearance. But what about their brains?

It’s not because she’s pretty that she’s not smart. If you know her and want to make her incredible, tell her that you like her way of thinking. Tell her that you like how smart she is and how she thinks things through. It will mean more to her than you know.

#2 Anything about how she’s “one-of-a-kind.” All the girls want to hear that they are not like the others. And even though we already know that we are unique because there is no one like us, we always want to hear it from our husbands. So remind him that you love him because she is not like other girls. She is going better. It makes you happier than anyone because it’s unique.

# 3 Your enthusiasm for the future – with her. Much to do with reassuring them that you want them in your future. That means she wants to hear that you are looking forward to the future with her. You do not have to tell him that you want to get married in one way or another. You just have to mention something you want to do with it in the future. It can be in a month or a year. No matter how fast she will be happy to hear that you want her there.

# 4 That she has improved your life one way or another. One of the things girls love to hear is how different and better your life is because it is there. It may sound corny, but it really means a lot, if you are honest.

It’s not like she’s trying to change your life, but telling her it’s better because of her makes her extremely happy. It gives her the impression that she has a purpose in your life. This will make her feel special and loved

# 5 When you ask for her opinion. They probably do like that, but know that girls love when they ask for their opinions. They want to give you something and by giving them this opportunity with advice, it will make them really happy.

# 6 Anything about your friends liking her. I know it sounds strange, but the girls really want to hear your friends like them. We ladies know how important your friends are to you.

We want to make sure they love us so they do not make you stop. If your friends really like it, let them know. It will make her happier than you think – even if she does not show it.

# 7 Compliments of beauty when she’s done up. It’s one thing to tell a girl that you think she’s beautiful when she’s done her hair, put on makeup, and dressed up well. It’s totally different when you tell her how much you appreciate her appearance when she’s not polished and she’s sweating.

By doing this, you’re saying you like her as is. She doesn’t need the extra stuff to be attractive to you. Many girls often worry about this so telling her will reassure her of how much you enjoy her naturally.

#8 Anything good about her laugh and smile. I know it’s a strange thing, but girls really like being told that they have a soft laugh or that their smile makes you weak at the knees. It’s a very small thing that makes a big difference to her – especially when her laugh is a bit noisy and disgusting. If you think it’s adorable, just tell him.



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