10 Reasons Why It’s Best You Don’t Stay In Contact With Your Ex


Here are the reason why you shouldn’t be in touch with your Ex else you might end up landing yourself in some silly trouble…

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1. The Fire Will Always Be Rekindled

If you broke up with someone you love from the bottom of your heart either through mutual consent or in an aggressive manner, the status of the relationship changes immediately but not the feelings. If you continually meet up with your ex, chances are you will end up falling in love with them all over again or rekindle the fire that still exists even if they’ve moved on with someone new.

2. You Can’t Heal

It is easier to heal from a breakup when you don’t have to hear or see their faces all the time. Memories of the good times you had with them will always find a way to crop up all the time you get to see them or hear their voices. The more you keep in contact, the more difficult it will be for you to stop yourself from loving them.

3. You’d Get Hurt By Keeping In Touch

This is particularly so if your ex has moved on with someone else. Keeping in touch with them will only bring anger and hurt as they may walk away when you remind them of the memories you shared together. This will likely leave you humiliated, angry and hurting.

4. You Can’t Give Your Heart To Someone Else

By keeping in touch with your ex, you’d likely feel bad if you date someone else. When you disregard the no contact rule and stay in touch with your ex, you’d feel like it’s morally wrong to date someone else. And even when you’re trying to find someone or something else to distract you, the thought of your break up will always linger in your mind, making you feel uneasy and miserable all the time.

5. You’d Be Stuck

If you keep the communication lines open with your ex, chances are you’d be stuck in the same position in your love life. And by this we mean you’d always be remembering how much you miss all the things you used to have with them in your relationship. By severing contact with them, you’d be taking an emotional step towards liberation where you will be able to find new and more interesting things to fill the void in your heart.

6. Staying Away Will Make You Forgiving

If the reason you broke up was because your ex cheated on you or left you to be with someone else, it may be difficult for you to stop yourself from accepting their apology, especially if you still keep in contact with them. After a breakup, you will most likely need someone to fill the void left in your heart and if you still hang around with your ex, you might end up hurting yourself time and time again.

7. You’d Continually Think Of Broken Memories

It’s best to make new memories that has nothing to do with your ex if you have any intention of getting back to happy times. The more you tend to see and meet up with your ex, the more old memories will keep flooding your mind.

8. On And Off Relationship

A lot of the time, when two exes keep in touch, they usually end up getting back together for s*x or companionship. This is mostly because they feel lonely and incomplete and they have a feeling that going back into a relationship with their ex will make them feel complete again. However, if a relationship is not meant to be because of differing opinions and expectations, chances are you may experience an on-off relationship which will likely hurt and leave you worse off than you were.

9. You’re Vulnerable To An Ex’s Touch

You probably had a lot of s*xual chemistry during the course of your relationship but this is restricted the moment the relationship comes to an end. Unfortunately, when there’s a restriction on a particular activity, it tends to become an addiction which makes you crave badly for it than you did before. If you still have feelings for your ex, something as little as a hug or touch will likely amplify s*xual tension which may make you feel attracted and pained each time they touch you.

10. You’d Be Frustrated

Looking at your ex with someone else or staring at pictures of your ex with their new flame can leave you frustrated and annoyed. And no one will understand the way you feel which will make you feel more miserable simply because you decided to stay in touch with your ex.

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