YOUR VIEW!!! Is It Right To Share This Type Of Testimony?



I have been imagining this for some time now.

I knows that testimonies are good, and i have also given my testimonies on several occasions.

But what in a situation whereby you are traveling or going else where and you board a 14 seater bus and may God forbid the bus had an accident and only you survived.

Will you go to church and testify and give thanksgiving?
Do you think it is proper to do so?

Someone is wondering now, what kind of question is this? And why wouldn’t i testify of his goodness upon my life? Hmmm

To this person, ok what if your wife or your only son is involved in that accident, would you still go ahead and testify?

Don’t you think that some of these testimonies we hear these days are not really necessary?

Don’t you think that such testimony are really selfish and selfcenterdness?

Do you think if Jesus is in a boat and and by accident he lost all his disciples, do you think he will testify for his safety?

We were all leaning anyway. And i stand to be corrected.
Do you think these kinds of testimonies really worth it?

Does any body here has any contrary opinion to these?
Please lets  here from you. Thank you.


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