Whether You Own A Car Or Make Use Of Public Transportation, These Are 8 Popular Inscriptions You Will See At The Back Of A Bus (Add Yours)



Everybody knows that taking a public bus is wahala.

And if you’re very observant, you’ll know very well that they have the funniest inscriptions at the back of these buses.

Like the hilarious ones ranging from words of advice to misspelt terms and even more.

1. No one knows tomorrow

Default expression when I see this is “You may be driving keke today but tomorrow na Hummer be your portion”

2. Many have gone

I feel there should be some additional phrase to make this a complete flow of thought.

3. Speed kills

For all you reckless drivers!

4. No woman no cry

Bob Marley would be proud.

5. Fear woman, respect army

So who do I run from between both?

6. No food for lazy man

7. You reap what you sow

More on Captain Obvious tales.

8. King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall


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