Where Is Her Mother? Come and See the Type of Photos This Teenage Girl Is Posting Online


An underaged girl named MLAZI LIL TEEN @smallwaseNUZ is currently on social media posting shockingly seduct!ve photos on twitter, may fans are calling for her account to be closed but she seems unbothered her last post she posted was captioned ”Should I pull that up?”


asking her fans whether they wanted her to pull up her skirt, see some reactions below;

ukhanki‏ @TboozeSA
One thing we wanna see you pulling up are your grades
Lionel Adendorf‏ @LionelAdendorf
Account still not closed or suspended.

Any update or you guys were just playing?
September 16th  ‏ @IrineFatima
She usually posts the same type of thinga on Facebook too .. but I will be sure to let her know as soon as possible

September 16th  ‏
I only know her grandfather. . Her parents are not in the same church .. now How do I break this to her grandfather


On a daily basis, he walks the streets with his gas cooker strapped on his back, frying pan and eggs just so he can make an honest living.

More photos below…


” data-image-meta=”[]” data-image-title=”Wow! See How This Young Nigerian Man Makes His Money (Photos)” data-large-file=”” data-medium-file=”” data-orig-file=”” data-orig-size=”” data-permalink=”http://www.omogist.co/?p=429″ />"club"


You can imagine the rate at with conji be killing some guys! to say i’m disappointed is an understatement. I’v been friends with this guy for some months,he’s been on my case and has agreed to give me all the time I need before we start dating.

I was on my own last night when he invited me to go take sharwarma somewhere around.
We were just gisting normally about life and next thing he said was he’s getting really bored and there’s a new place on the island he would like to take me to.

We got there, I noticed the bouncers were really fierce looking! I got scared and asked him why they had 6 hefty bouncers,he just laughed and said it’s cos the place is new. He quickly paid for VIP and when they opened the door first thing I saw was a fair beautiful girl stark Unclad dancing holding a pole. There were about 10ladies or more completely Unclad, with guys having fun with them!

I didn’t bother to proceed to the VIP, I left in annoyance, boarded a cab and deleted his number sharply.

A guy who takes a lady to a strip club to watch other Unclad ladies and probably partake in frolicking with them can never be serious in a relationship! Quote me anywhere.

By a Reader"Macho"

” data-image-meta=”[]” data-image-title=”“He Had The Guts To Take Me To A Str!p Club & I Did This” (Photos)” data-large-file=”” data-medium-file=”” data-orig-file=”” data-orig-size=”” data-permalink=”http://www.omogist.co/?p=431″ />



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