WATCH !! Two Student Skips School to Have Passionate S.ex


A 15-year-old student from Zvishavane in Zimbabwe, reportedly skipped school for two days to embark on a s*x spree with her 17-year-old boyfriend.
bulawayo24 reports report that the two had been having s*x at an abandoned homestead as their love nest for three nights.

The probation officers’ report states that the teen girl “indicates to be se.xually obsessed. She can’t control her emotions. She said she spent three nights with her boyfriend having intimacy relationship. The juvenile (the accused), seems to have serious social and behavioural challenges.”
The report also states that the 17-year-old boy “seems to be confused with his body changes. He seems to be se.xually precocious. He has no interest in alcohol but se.xual intercourse and it seems no one is guiding him with regard to s/exuality, adolescence and puberty.”


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