Viral Photos Of A Man And His Adorable Triplet Daughters Who All Look Like Him

These photos of a man and his daughters have gone viral after their mom (misstannaebaby)  shared a tweet.
The Tweet reads; “Every little girl needs her daddy”.
Twitter users were quick to spot that all trio had their dad’s amazing eye colour.
As at time of publishing, the tweets has garnered over 13k Retweets and 40k likes. See screenshot below.
Various replies trooped in… See some below.
I thought I was only going to see one cute baby..wasn’t ready to see 3 adorable angels
The most pretty girls ever wow
these babies got a whole lotta internet aunties and uncles and i’m one of them
I swear when I opened this I didn’t expect 2 more beautiful babies.
Don’t you think they are cute? See more photos below…



On a daily basis, he walks the streets with his gas cooker strapped on his back, frying pan and eggs just so he can make an honest living.

More photos below…


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