Very Funny!! Checkout This Throwback Photo Of Wale Turner & How His First Single Artwork Looks Like



Never disperse the days of little beginning… Those days go a longer way and they prepare you for the journey ahead.

Everybody knows the Fresh Wale Turner and wish to be like him some day without a clue of how rough his journey was…. The Photo below was reportedly taken in 2010 when he was just a Studio Rat.


Looking at the Photo above, Alot will come to your mind but then it passes a deep mess*ge across and it simply says “Don’t relent on your Hustle.. Anybody can Blow!!!

His first Artwork was the most horrible Artwork I have seen so Far, it was used as the Artwork for his First single many years back.

See photo below:-


The lesson derived from this Pictures is very Simple… Keep Moving, Keep Learning, Innovate and then be Consistent in your Hustle/Career.

Don’t wait for everything to look dope before you Start.. START NOW!!!


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