UNILAG Graduate Who Scored 5.0 is From Ekiti; APC Blasts Fayose for Ignoring Him



The APC took a swipe at Governor Ayo Fayose on Monday, accusing him of being in the habit of promoting cloudy characters with crimes hanging on their necks far above the brilliant Ayodele Dada.

According to APC: “This failure to see governance beyond personal appeal of the governor is costing our state good governance for the development of our people and her deserved place of honour in this country.

“Governor Fayose is overwhelmed with promoting cloudy characters with several alleged crimes hanging on their necks far above Ekiti academic pride of the century, Ayodele Dada, who bagged the best graduating student award at the University of Lagos with a record 5.0 GPA.

“We are not surprised at the governor’s beatification of crime in this instance because you can only give what you have and gold is usually sold to the person who knows its value.

That is why Fayose would prefer to celebrate thugs and roughnecks to celebrating the Ekiti golden boy that has put Ekiti State on the map of academic honour at the University of Lagos.”


…and here’s Ayodele stepping into the House of Reps in Abuja where he was duly honoured by the house.


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