Unbelievable!!! See The Grammatical Error On A Nigeria Police Force Sign Board – SEE



I saw this on Facebook and it really got me cracked up…. Education is dead in Nigeria.

These are the set of Police officer who will be chasing & Molesting young Nigerians about the Street, yet they can’t even write correct english.

Shout-out to all the Good Police doing there work perfectly and neatly.

Don’t be shocked, Most of this Police harrassing nigerians about can’t even write down statement in their office.

See below:-


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  1. profeessor! you should also be too educatee to know that most of the sign post/posters you see in police colour with the inscriptions POLICE ORDER are neither written nor past/post/placed by the police

  2. Mr. Prof. of English, if you must lie to humiliate The Nigeria Police as the society always do especially the criminals, then you should be constructive. That sign post is not in the Police Station/Post for God sake


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