Unbelievable: 10 G-Wagons Including Gold-Plated One Allegedly Found In Compound Of ‘Unknown’ Prominent Nigerian Man


Whistleblower-reveals-Nigerian-man-with-10-G-Wagons-including-gold-plated-one3According to APC UK on Twitter, a ‘whistle-blower’ has called the attention of Nigerian authorities to a footage which shows the compound of a man with about 10 G-wagons.

The exotic cars, including a gold-plated one, were parked in the residence of the man, whose address was not made known.

According to them, they have already alerted EFCC and the Police to investigate.

g wagons found



Whistleblower-reveals-Nigerian-man-with-10-G-Wagons-including-gold-plated-one3Whistleblower reveals Nigerian man with 10 G-Wagons, including gold-plated one4


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