Tragedy!!! Young Boy Runs Mad After Attempting To Sleep In The Grave For 10 Days


James Chileshe aka Jumbo boy has received free madness after he challenged a chief  that he could spend 10 days in the graveyard.Jumbo boy,a Zambian challenged the chief about three weeks ago when the chief
said he does not fear prison having slept in the graveyard for 7 days.Seeking local championship,Jumbo boy jumped to challenge the chief,promising to spend 10 days in the graveyard which the chief accepted and down the graveyard,Jumbo boy went to lie only to loose his sanity on the 4th day.Jumbo boy burst into harsh laughter,stripping himself naked and dancing and singing.His family has reported the case to the police who has began investigation butt the chief has not made any statement.


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