“This Marriage Is Divine, She Will Get Fatter Soon” – 33 Year Man Who Married 17 Year-old Girl In Imo State Finally Speaks (Video)



Few days ago, we reported that a 17 year old girl, Blessing Udoye got married to an older man, Okechuckwu Tochukwu Emmanuel without the consent of the family in Imo State.

It was learned that the wedding which was planned for almost six months was hidden from the girl’s family member because is the principle of her church (Fishers of Men Charismatic church).

The said church has now issued a press release with video evidences to support their claim as an interview was conducted with the girl’s mother, Mrs. Augustina Udoye and her relatives.

The man who is said to 33-years-old new husband in an interview said the marriage is divine and he married his lovely wife legally but the marriage has sparked outrage because of her age.

Read below;

Our attention as a ministry has been drawn to an allegation by one Raphael Uduoye also known as De raph man, who alleged that Fishers of Men Charismatic Church Isiokpo branch in Imo state conducted the wedding of his younger sister without the consent of the family.

It was said that Blessing Uduoye was kidnapped and hypnotized against her will.

That the wedding took place without the presence and consent of the family members
The aforementioned was alleged to be for ritual purpose to get more members between the pastor and the said husband


We as a ministry is known as advocates for righteousness, holiness, sincerity and love for mankind. Well, it is very unfortunate that when it has to do with the body of Christ it always generates attention and interest from the public especially the negative. In order to get the details of what transpired, the church authority sent investigators undercover to unravel the mystery behind the allegation. To this extent, the outcome of this investigative outing are as follows:

• Blessing Uduoye was there to speak with us amidst smiles and laughter; according to her, she is 18 years old and that’s the information she presented to her pastor.

• The entire family members except Raphael Uduoye who was referred to as dissident were in the traditional marriage and church wedding. Pictorial confirmation to this scenario is available below this article

• The father was traced to his business place and he gave a full analysis of his consent to the union. Visual evidence of the conversation between the father and the investigator was captured with a phone recorded video because the correspondent had to hide their camera because of the thugs Raphael Uduoye organized against the investigators. The audio version of this engagement is also available although spoken in ibo language.

• The team of investigators also visited the family house of Blessing Uduoye, the mother was interviewed; according to her, “I have prayed for my daughter to have a blissful matrimonial experience”. To consolidate her acceptance, she further prayed for her daughter. In addition, our camera lenses captured the relics of the food and drinks that were consumed during the traditional marriage in her father’s compound. The visual evidence is also available.

• The man who married the said Blessing Uduoye was also interviewed, he confirmed that he is 33years old and presented the marriage registry certificate produced in Ika south local government council of delta state.

Watch Videos of the Interview with the husband;



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