The Married Man am Dating is Sleeping With My Mother – 19 Years Old Girl Cries Out



Am a 19 years old girl in love with a married man on my street. I love this man so much. We first made love on the December 31st, He is really nice to me. I wake up every morning to see him drive out of his house.

He has 3 kidlings . He supports myself and my mom a lot . He bought us a new car and pays our rent. I’ve been in school so I don’t really see him. He came once to lodge close to my school so we can see.

Uncle Joro to my shock I came home and saw texts with this man and my mother. I think they are having an affair too. Am so hurt. I feel so down. I told my mother for feelings for him & she still slept with him.

I can’t believe what am reading. I want my mother to stop seeing him Uncle Joro. I have 2 courses am battling with now. I don’t want to go back to school without maki my issue known.



  1. Focus on school young lady, he is married, and only taking you for a joy ride. He goes HOME TO WIFY. Respect yourself and get iver your lust.


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