Slay Queen Mistakenly Receives $1 million Funding, She Then Takes Her Friends Shopping, Spends $61,250 (N21.9 million)

A South African student who received a staggering £850,000 instead of her usual £85 monthly university food grant is in hot soup after going on a massive 73 day spending spree with her friends.
Accountancy student, Sibongile Mani, 27, who was on benefits to allow her to study was said to have undergone a Cinderella like transformation overnight after the cash blunder.


Student leader Sibongile who is at the Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, gets £85 (1,400 Rand) each month put into her bank account in food and book allowances.
But instead the company that administers the financial aid allowances at the university called Intellimali fouled up and sent £850,000 (14million Rand) in cash to the hard up student.
Eyebrows were raised initially when her neat corn-row hairstyle was replaced with £180-a-time Peruvian weaves and she began wearing designer outfits and bought a brand new i-phone 7.
She began flashing the cash kitting out her closest friends with new outfits and drinking £50-a-time bottles of whisky and jetting herself and her pals round the country to wild parties.
Suspicions grew when a till receipt from a local SPAR shop was l*aked showing that she had more than £800,000 in her account and her wild spending became more lavish and talked about.
She was finally outed by Samkelo Mqhayi, deputy branch secretary of the South African Students Congress (SASCO), who reported her to the National Students’ Financial Aids Scheme.
He told Herald Live:
‘She threw surprise birthday parties for her friends and showered them with expensive gifts and flew them to events where she bought the best seats.
‘When the SPAR receipt was l*aked showing a balance of R13.6-million in her account I called NSFAS and they checked their records and confirmed that the initial amount was R14-million’.
By the time they reigned her in after her two-and-a-half-month spending spree they discovered she had been blowing £666 a day which is a staggering amount in South Africa.
The total missing from the account is £50,000.


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