Shocking!! Woman Stung To Death By Bees While Doing This (Photos)


The old lady was out collecting firewood when she accidentally disturbed a beehive. The bees repeatedly sting the old lady for 30 minutes.By the time rescuers cleared the bees and reached the old woman her whole body was covered by stings.“I was walking past the area when I heard someone screaming for help. I ran to see what was going on and saw an elderly woman frantically trying to fight off hundreds of bees,” said a witness. It was horrific.

It was like the worst nightmare you could possibly have. I just couldn’t get close to her because they were furious and far too many.”The daughter said: “Despite her age she was still very strong and able to look after herself. We’re not sure how or why it happened, but somehow she must have stumbled on a hive and upset the bees. Our family is devastated by the painful and frightening way our mum died. She was well-loved in the area and didn’t deserve such a horrific end.”see her photos below:


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