Shocking Video: Ebonyi State Lawmaker Maria Ude Nwachi Popularly Known As Afikpo Chic Was A Big Time Pr0stitute Madam In The US


Only she can tell what she’s up to with this nylon bag swag…lol!

According to an angry reader named Emeka John Onyema who sent this in Afikpo Chicken, Maria Ude Nwachi aka Madam Whacky Sex Ring.

A pr0stitute is a pr0stitute and must always behave like one, no matter how good she is and a cocotte will always dance surugede at any given point.
Afikpo Chicken or whatever she is called is a cocotte, call girl, hooker, harlot, cunt and irresponsible idiot. She was dubbed Madam Whacky S*x Ring because of her famous monkey style position. She is know as ..
Maria Uzor Egwu, Arianna Uzor Egwu, Maria Ude Nwachi, Nwanyi Afikpo, Afikpo Chicken. Only one person with different names, I wonder the kind of s*x position that produces this ugly scammer and it goes a long way to prove that evolution can go in reverse. What a bad day for Igbo land, what a bad day for gullible Igbo’s following this Oji Ikpu eche OJi .
To tell you that ashawo is ashawo, she operate a secret sugar daddy club known as Rosie yug. She prey and recruit young beautiful igbo girls in Igboist and other igbo groups and give them to politicians and dirty old men in exchange for money. She collected N5.5 Million Naira from Okoroawusa, shared the sum of N500.000 and pocketed N5 Million Naira.
She forged fake hundreds facebook accounts and use her fake facebook accounts to pocket N5million naira. That has been her style from day one, meanwhile okoroawusa is owing imo people more than 24 months salary in arrears and the pensioners are nothing to write home about.




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