SHOCKING!!! NO 3 Reason Why Men Sleeps With Their Housemaid Will Make You Speechless.


We got this pathetic letter from one of our readers who lamented that her 46-years-old husband got their 20-years-old housemaid pregnant and has been behaving as if everything is cool.He has even threatened to send her packing if she sends the maid away. The most painful thing for the lady is that his family members do not see anything wrong with what their son did, saying that as a man, he has every right to marry more than one wife.

She would not have minded so much if it was another woman outside but her anger stems from the fact that she brought the girl from the village when she was just 12-years-old and has been taking care of her like her own daughter, sending her to train as an hair dresser and setting up a shop for her, only for her to get pregnant for her husband.The case of men sleeping with their maids is not a new thing in this part of the world but that does not make it right.On Morning Teaser today, we ask: what do you think push men to sleep with their housemaids?(1)Lack of discipline Sexual starvation from the wife, (2)Nagging wife, (3)Just men’s nature to cheat, (4)Dereliction of duties by wife


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