Shameless Man R*pes Little Girl, Then Brags About it on Facebook (Photos)



People were left in shock after a man who forcefully had s*x with a 10-year-old girl and shared the photos on Facebook.

A Kenyan man is in serious trouble after r*ping a little girl and going to Facebook to brag about how he had s*x with her in the bush. The shameless man identified as Calvin Mbane Alfayo also posted photos of the girl on his Facebook page after he had done the act.
He then called on his followers to take love instead of waiting to be loved. The shocking incident left people fuming with anger and called for his arrest.
It has been gathered that the man was known in the area for his irresponsibility. It has also been revealed that Calvin was a police officer who was dismissed for indiscipline and is even the son of a local Member of the County Assembly (MCA).


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