See What This Naija Babe Who Just Came From The Village Did When She Saw A Railway Line, She Slept There


Hello Cliqloaded

My husbands niece from the village came to stay with us because I recently put to bed and needed help with the house work. The girl is lovely and funny. She was nice so I bought her some nice cloths and made her hair. The real drama began last weekend when I bought her a tecno camera phone and ever since she has been taking photos anywhere.

You need to see the excitement that ordinary phone and few new cloths gave to her.

So yesterday, we were headed to my shop and we had to cross the railway. She has never seen one in her life and she was ecstatic. she pleaded that I snap her so she can show her friends in the village that she is now a city girl. I wanted to explain it was unnecessary but she insisted.

I have been looking at the photos and can stop laughing. Its amazing how small things we have no value for some can mean so much to some other people. I have promised her that she wont go back to the village anymore. I will register her for WAEC and hopefully she will go to a higher institution.


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