See The Moment Mayweather Won As He Knocked Out Mcgregor In The 10th Round (Pics)

Undefeated 40 year old welterweight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, on Saturday night defeated 29 year old UFC champion, Conor McGregor in a knock out in Round 10 after the two men squared off in what was billed as the Fight of the Century at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.
This is Mayweather\’s 50th undefeated match.The match was a very interesting one with McGregor taking the first 3 rounds, but at the 4th round, he started to look fatigued.
He struggled the rest of the fight and at the 10th round, after a barrage of punches from Mayweather, the referee stopped the fight, because McGregor wasnt defending himself from Mayweather.
After winning the match, which was star studded, Mayweather swore it will be his last.


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