See The Eight(8) Things You Don’t Know About Billioniare Kidnapper Evans…


We bring to you, 8 things that you  might not know about the deadly kidnapper that was arrested last week in Lagos. Read them below.

1. Evans’ mother is no longer with Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike. Both reportedly parted ways around 1985 as the older man took a new wife.

2.  According to Police report, four of his victims paid $4 million (N1.6 billion), while many others paid hundreds of millions of Naira.

3. One of his neighbours said he drives himself mostly, and avoids interaction with neighbors.

4. The gateman and the chef earn N20,000 monthly each.

5. According to friends of the gateman, Evans never attended church, but allowed his gateman to worship on Sundays.

6. He had advanced phones and jamming gadgets that’s why he was unable to be tracked for so long. he has about a 10 phones, with each phone for different people or groups.

7.He had many gangs working almost independently. And each was not aware of other groups or its members.

8. He was once a member of many armed robbery gangs, before forming his own.


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