See The 6 Foodstuff Prices Buhari Must Reduce To Get Reelected In 2019 (See Here)



While all the discussions on economic policies and corruption war are all very important things to be done. The average Nigerian on the street understands one language right now, and that is the language of the stomach.

The average Nigerian rarely has any need to convert naira to dollar, so they find it difficult to grasp the idea of devaluation. What they know is that the prices of foodstuff have gone up.

A hungry people, will vote against the present government in 2019. If President Buhari wants a happy electorate come 2019, then he will have to make sure getting food is not so difficult. One way to do that is to reduce the prices of the following by encouraging and supporting agriculture:

1. Rice

A survey conducted by Naijaloaded, shows the persistent price increase of some food items like rice at the Ojodu Retail market, Berger & Jakande market, Ikosi and Ketu.

A bag of rice, which sold for N15,000 before now sells for N19,000. Rice is a staple, eaten everyday by Nigerians. The price needs to come down and soon.

2. Spaghetti

One pack of spaghetti as at 2015 could be gotten from between N100 – N150. Now a pack sells for between N200 – N250. Spaghetti has always been a substitute for rice, something to fall back on.

A pack of spaghetti serves between two and three people, at N250, it is at the most expensive, it has been in years.

3. Noodles

For most kids and even some adults, a carton of noodles is a necessity. Those times, when you can’t cook a proper meal, noodles always serve as a quick fix.

Formerly a small carton of noodles was about N1,400, now it sells for between N1,800 – N2,000.

4. Garri

Previously, yellow garri sold for about N7,500, now it sells for N9,000. In the same pattern, white garri which sold previously for N9,000 is now N10,500.

Garri is a food item that is almost mandatory in every home, it is regarded as the last resort in most cases. If such a food item is rising steadily in price, what will the masses do?

5. Tomato

The price of tomato paste has increased lately. A carton of Gino tomato paste before was sold for N2,800 but now sells for N3,200 while a carton of Tasty tom that cost N2,650 before now sells for N3,000. A sachet that was sold for N50 has increased to N70.

The above is especially scary as tomato paste is what many Nigerian homes use, due to the increase in the price of fresh tomato.

6. Oil

Oil, be it groundnut or palm oil is indispensable in the average Nigerian kitchen. Currently, 25 litres of groundnut oil which sold for about N13,500 now sells for above N14,000, the same measure of red-oil, which sold for N12,500, now sells for N14,000.

These changes be they large or small are no joking matter to the woman or man on the street. Measures have to be put in place to increase food production in the country.

Meanwhile, there has been some improvement, as the scarcity of rice in the market seems to be ending soon as Anambr.a state has hit its target of 210,000 metric tonnes of rice per annum.


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