See How A Big Cow Was Forced Into A Small Car Ahead Of Sallah Celebration. (Photos)

While Nigerian Muslims are preparing adequately for the forthcoming Eid-el-Kabir celebrations, a man and his family are getting ready for the festivity in a BIG way (literately). The man who apparently didn’t want to take any chance – was spotted forcing a big cow with the help of others into a small vehicle probably in order to “maximize” transportation.
This happened earlier today in the northern part of the country.

Muma Gee has finally shut down her husband, Prince Eke’s claims that she abandoned him and their children.
Recall that the drama started this week, after Prince Eke brought his family’s business to social media. According to the Nollywood actor, his wife left him and their children and eloped with some unknown men in Abuja.
“This is not cheap publicity, I am not washing my dirty linen in the public, neither do I want to invoke pity,” he said. “How nice is it for a woman to abandon her 3 months old baby for 4 weeks and ran off to Abuja with God knows who and is being seen in Abuja at public joints and night clubs with different men?”


But the singer says she is only at the capital for business.
“Are you saying I shouldn’t do my work again because I am married? I am in Abuja and I came to work. I have a show here. In fact, I am in a meeting right now. I don’t have any problem with whatever he says,” the visibly upset mum of three tells Punch.
On claims that she abandoned their children, Muma Gee said, “I have no comment. I have a new album, let him help me and market it. It is this kind of controversy that we are looking for right now.”
Hopefully, they will resolve their issues.

Prince Eke’s Wife Muma Gee Finally Responds To His Infidelity Accusations That She Abandoned Her Kids To Follow Abuja Big Men”

A car thief was arrested last night in Lake Gwammaja Kano.He was beaten mercilessly and tied with rope on a pole.Below is the Hausa narration of the story as shared by Zuma Times….

‘Muhawara, An ce wannan wani barawon mota ne aka kamashi a daren jiya a Unguwar Gwammaja da ke Kano.

Amma abin tambaya a nan shine, irin hukunci da ya dace kenan mutane su zartar ko kuwa su mika shi ga hukuma?’



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