Residents In Total Shock As 13-year-old Girl Who Dates 3 Sugar Daddies Contracts HIV



A local magistrates’ court has paraded three men who illegally sleep with a 13-year-old girl and give her little money as it has been confirmed that she now has HIV.

A 13-year-old Grade Seven pupil at a primary school in Karoi, Zimbabwe, left residents of the small town shocked after she allegedly had s*xual relationships with three sugar daddies, one of whom is suspected to have infected her with HIV.

The Karoi magistrates’ main court room spilled into the entrance hall last Friday as crowds jostled to hear how the three suspects – Chamunorwa Mudengezerwa (45), Luke Koronga (39) and Isaac Kajiri (35) – allegedly lured the minor with small tokens before sleeping with her on various occasions.

The three appeared before magistrate, Takunda Nyamandi, each charged with having s*xual intercourse with a minor as defined in Section 70 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9;23.

Koronga pleaded guilty to the charges and will be sentenced today, while Mudengezerwa and Kajiri were remanded in custody to October 7 as he is yet to be charged with a more serious offence of deliberately infecting a person with HIV when he comes back to court.

It is the State’s case that sometime in August this year, Mudengezerwa proposed love to the girl in Chikangwe after inviting her to his barbershop. Before she left the barbershop Mudengezerwa allegedly gave her a 25 cent bond coin to buy sweets.

Around 8pm on the same day it is also alleged Mudengezerwa invited the girl to his barbershop taking advantage of her father who was boozing at a local beer-hall.

After having s*xual intercourse with the girl on the particular night, Mudengezerwa later continued inviting the girl for s*xual intercourse during the night each time giving her small tokens.

The case only came to light after the girl’s brother alerted their aunt about how the girl was misbehaving. The aunt then interrogated the girl resulting in her divulging her multiple s*xual relationships.

After the aunt had reported the matter to the police, a medical examination was also carried out at Karoi Hospital which revealed that the girl was HIV positive.

Mudengezerwa was denied bail on the grounds that he could interfere with justice since chances were high that he could reunite with the girl.

Koronga, who is a vendor at Chikangwe bus terminus, reportedly entered into a s*xual relationship with the girl after he proposed love to her upon meeting her at the bus terminus sometime in July this year.

At around 8pm on the same day, Koronga visited the girl’s home from where he lured her to a banana plantation. The two engaged in consensual s*xual intercourse under the cover of banana trees.

Koronga will hear his fate tomorrow after he pleaded guilty to the charges, as he told the magistrate that he was aware that the girl was below the age of consent when he slept with her.


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