Please Advice:- I Enjoy Masturb*ting, But I Hate S*x



A woman addicted to masturb*tion but never had s*x before has cried out for help on how to overcome the habit.

Dear Readers,

My name is Uju. I come from a good christian home. I am a girl in my late 20s and I am in the University. I am doing well with my studies, but I live in guilty.

Please help me, I have been masturb*ting for a long time now and I cannot stop it because I enjoy it. In fact, I always look forward to masturb*ting at night.

I have a boyfriend but I have not had s*x before because I want to keep it for my husband. Though I kiss with my boyfriend and fondle, but he has not penetrated me before. I am afraid my habit my be risky to my health.

How do I stop this habit? I enjoy masturb*ting but it is a sin against my religion. I don’t think I will like s*x because masturb*tion feels better.

I am really confused. Please help!


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