Photos: See The Interior Of The Expensive House In Nigeria That cost $10 million


Nigeria is the country in which fancy buildings with unusual architecture are widespread. However, the majority of these houses were built by white people of foreign countries. Having traveled across the country, it is possible to notice that such buildings are in the largest cities of Nigeria, such as Abuja, Lagos, the capital, and some other rich centers of the country.

Many people also know such place as Banana Island where many politicians and artists live, such as Davido. This is the big resort island where it is possible to notice different expensive real estates. The cost of such houses exceeds several million dollars. The most expensive buildings (mansions) were also noticed in some strategic locations in Nigeria.

But what is the most expensive house in Nigeria? The most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner The most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner Who owns the most expensive house in Nigeria? As you already understood, the most expensive buildings-mansions in Nigeria belong to Nigerian celebrities and politicians because they are people who possess the huge amounts of money in this country. The most expensive buildings in Nigeria are well built. They have tremendous look which will leave you impressed for a long time. Usually, people aim to build the houses within several months. However, the people having large amounts of money prefer to do it more slowly as they want to receive magnificent houses.

There is also a house which is the most beautiful in Nigeria and belongs to a person named Okwudili Umenyiora. Many people say that the creative layout and look were developed by the host himself.  The most expensive house The most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner The construction of such house took at least 4 years. By hearsay, the cost of such most expensive house is about $10 million. It is a huge amount of money. But if to look at this house, then it is possible to agree that such building unambiguously costs that huge money. Having seen how difficult the structure of this house is it is possible to agree that it is the richest house in Nigeria. What is located in its premises? The building has the covered swimming pools, elevators on the fourth floor and a garage with a surprising design and expensive cars in it. In the house, five housemaids work.

The most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner Outside this amazing dwelling reminds sea. Round windows are almost like windows in the ship. The pipe, which is responsible for replenishment of water in the pool sticks out of it. Garages are fenced with durable glasses. Through them, luxurious cars are seen. In the yard of the house, there is a large pool with illumination and soft chairs. On the floor of the house, there are TVs built-in. This is very unusual and creative decision. As the TV is covered with a durable glass, it is possible not to be afraid that someone will damage its surface or break a screen. The house elevator is also very original in construction as for the private house. From first to the fourth floor, there passes the pipe with a transparent glass surface. Such elevators can often be seen in large office buildings or in shopping centers.

Decorative palm trees are around there. The most expensive house in Nigeria 2017 The most expensive house in Nigeria and the owner Conclusion As you see, such huge house really costs much. Having watched its photos, it is not difficult to notice the magnificent design and expensive cars located in the yard of this house. It is possible to describe different rooms of this house, but it is better to watch photos with own eyes.


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