Photos: Man With One Of The World’s Longest Hair Ever Seen Didn’t Wash It For More Than 11 Years



This man is Tran Van Hay from Vietnam, he is known for his hair as it is 22-foot long and 23 lb. He couldn’t even take it out of his scarf without help.

The hair was growing for 50 years and he didn’t wash it for more than 11 years.

Tran Van Hay stopped cutting his hair after one accident that affected him so much. When he was 25 Tran Van Hay got very sick after going to the barbershop. So he developed a serious fear of getting his hair cut.

The hair kept growing and the man decided to get it dreaded.
His heavy hair even forced him to give up his profession as a farmer. The weight of the hair limited his daily activities and even caused balancing problems.

His wife said that Tran Van Hay’s personality and priorities also changed. The man got interested in Buddhism, and started working a natural healer, relieving his neighbors of their health issues.

His hair even broke the Guinness World Record, but he never officially submitted an entry.

In 2010, Tran Van Hay died of natural causes at the age of 79. His community honored him as a kind and generous man of the people.

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