OMG! See What Obama Was Seen Doing In A Lagos Restaurant (Photo)



It is bewildering to know that many people find it hard to believe that Nigerians are super talented. They will always have one reason or the other to doubt an average man’s ability of creating something nice.

Not only are Nigerians talented, they always find means of motivating people while going through their daily activities. Speaking of motivation, some artistic Nigerians have come up with a hilarious and remarkable advert for a food canteen in Lagos.

In order to boost the sales of the canteen, they made president Barack Obama the focal point of attention. They featured him in the advert for the canteen. Indeed, the hustle is real as Nigerians will keep doing things that will boost their financial status and businesses.

Since this Lagos food canteen sells Eba, Amala, Rice and beans, pepper-soup and Iyan, what was president Obama eating in the advert? Lol.


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