OMG!!! Meet This Woman With 14 Daughters & She Wont Give Up Until A Boy Is Born



Some Days Ago We Posted SAY WHAT!! Couple With 13 Sons Says They Won’t Stop Trying Until They Have A Daughter (See Photos)

But this time around it’s couple with 14 daughters

Augustina Higuera and hubby Jose have 14 daughters!!!

And if that wasn’t staggering enough, she beat odds of 500,000 to one to give birth to a third set of twins two months ago.
But the supermum is less thrilled that against all odds, all of her ­children are girls – and she has vowed to keep going until she has given husband Jose, 30, a son.


She said:

“We both really, really want a boy. We’d be over the moon, so we will keep trying.
“We’re besotted with the girls but Jose is outnumbered and it would be nice to even things out. I’m lucky that I enjoy being pregnant. I’ve never had any major problems, so it’s not a big stress for me.

“I’ve had so many girls I’m not sure what I’d do with a son. I just know I’d be blessed to have one. He and Jose would have an incredible bond. I hope I can give him that.

“I have no upper limit on how many children I’d have. I’d have another 10 if it meant having a boy.”


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