OMG! Could This Be The Darkest Baby On Earth? See Photos That will got you shocked

I saw this baby, cute though, but initially I couldn’t believe it’s a human being, forgive me, but I know most you guys thought same at first sight too, but then I took a closer look, and yes, its a baby, not sure boy or girl though.
The little dude is not the only one. He’s just few months old and black as coal. Supposedly he comes from South Africa. However, here is another amazing photo.
This baby is about two years of age. He is black and very black. Possibly the two photographs are of the same child. Only the first one was not laid out on any Internet resource before. So, after all there might be just one blackest champion on our list. These photos have gone viral.
The babies look amazing. There is no reliable information on who they are or if they exist at all. But if there has to be the blackest baby, it’s one of them!
Guys, if this baby happens to be yours, I mean, if in any way, your wife gives birth to this baby, what name would you giver him/her?



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