Olori Left The Palace Voluntarily,She Never Defiled Her Husband…..Palace Sources Reveals


Since the departure of Queen Wuraola from the Ooni royal palace,there has been different stories about the reason behind the divorce of the couple with some saying it was because of her infidelity while some said it was because of the three sisters of the King.

However,a reliable source close to the separated couple has told the real reason behind the departure saying the queen left the palace voluntarily.

The source revealed that the queen was intimidated by some members of the royal family due to the fact that she was not Yoruba and they wanted to enslave her.

This brought pains to her heart because not only does she love her husband,she also cherish the marriage vows.

Addressing the issue that the queen could not stand a woman,the source said,Olori Wuraola knows the Yoruba tradition well that the King can marry as many wives as possible cause it was part of the orientation given to her before marriage but what she could not stand was the plot to destroy her reputation and demote her in her own marriage.Contrary to the infidelity accusations,the source was quick to dismiss it saying “The Yoruba cosmology and belief state that when  a king is married to an Olori, nobody else dares sleep with the Olori. Death is the repercussion.

If Olori is truly promiscuous, why is she still alive or why is it that none of the men who had allegedly slept with her has died?“It’s widely known that before Adeyeye  married this Olori he has chased away two women in his life.

This shows that  the problem is not from Olori Wuraola, but from the  Kabiyesi himself as the King does not love her but rather abandons her and this triggered her relocation to Lagos and Abuja consequently”.

Talking about the three sisters,the source said,the “Yeyes” were the brains behind the frustration the Ooni had for the queen who was never loved since the day she set foot in the palace.


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