New Details Reveals That The Ooni Of Ife Fooled 201 gods Just To Marry Olori Wuraola..


With the confirmation that the marriage has sunk in the ocean by Olori Wuraola,more details have began to pop in within the last 24 hours.Though,it was broadcasted back in 2016 that the gods chose Olori Wuraola to be the queen,new diggings have claimed that to be a lie.

Ooni\’s first wife,Adebukola has departed the king some months before his coronation as king but things needed to be in place for the coronation and that was where Sonia came in.When Bukola left,the king gave three names of his girlfriends,Adediwura Adeyemi, Sonia Obahon and an undentified lady to the oracle.

The king was the one who was said to have given Sonia the name,Wuraola.

Though warned not to marry Sonia as she was married to a Lebanese business mogul with kids.He turned deaf ears and was said to have bribed his way through with some priests for the Wuraola to be chosen.Though humans were bribed,the gods were not in support of the union,besides gods can\’t be bribed.So that was how the oracle chose Wuraola above others…


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